Adidas Men’s Gloro FG Soccer Cleat Review

Adidas Men's Gloro FG Soccer Cleat

If there is a brand that knows how to make kangaroo leather shoes, then it has to be Adidas. Adding to their already existing impressive lineup, the company has come up with another fantastic pair of soccer cleats. The Adidas Men’s Gloro FG Soccer Cleat is not your everyday, regular boots, make no mistake about that. It has been crafted to aid you in the field and give your feet the comfort it needs to keep you at the top of the game.

Among many features that stand out, this shoe excels in the aspect of simplistic design. While the company may not pull any tricks to get their customers are hooked, this would have been revised in a two-tone color combination to appeal to new age stylish soccer players.

Features of the Adidas Men’s Gloro FG Soccer Cleat

  • The kangaroo leather material provides outstanding level of comfort that is hard to beat
  • The rubber sole will keep your feet cozy as well as give you the edge needed to play for long sessions
  • The Gloro technology will give your forefoot secure feel and comfortable reception on touch of the ball
  • EVA insole is another bonus aspect that separates brands like Adidas from the rest

Advantages of this shoe

Brand Power: When you buy a product from Adidas, you’re not only investing money in quality but also long-term durability. Every piece manufactured by this company goes through rigorous testing to ensure they’re ready to face the test that lies ahead. This pair should be no different because it brings with it the reliability that Adidas has managed to cultivate over the years.

Sophisticated technology: Not many companies in the market are equipped with the craftsmanship or technology to make competitive soccer cleats. However, this item comes with all the goodness of EVA insole and kangaroo leather to give you an unmatched level of comfort and ball control in the game. You need not worry about how your skills will get affected because it’s confident that this product will only help you play better.

Price: Price of in place the highest consideration when it comes to selecting a product. The good news is that if you decide to buy this pair, you won’t need to shell out a fortune because this shoe is available at a modest price on Amazon. There are plenty of aspects that make this shoe popular and price is one of them.


If you are a fan of simplistic designs and high utility, then the Adidas Men’s Gloro FG Soccer Cleat would suit your taste just fine. Also, this product is an excellent performer as we can tell from the reviews on With over 30 customer reviews, this pair has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Looking at the reviews, it becomes pretty clear that this item has been built to last a long time so it wouldn’t be unwise of you to expect the same.


• Kangaroo leather lends elegant finish and excellent comfort

• EVA insole helps the shoe accommodate correctly according to your feet size

• Available in two simplistic color themes


• None