Best Goalkeeper Gloves

The game of soccer is one of the most beautiful things in the world. People from all around the world enjoy, regardless of their race, nationality or social status. It brings people together better than anything when your common favorite team scores the winning goal. Additionally, many people play football simply for fun and it´s an enjoyable, useful activity which can be your daily relaxation from the busy world.

Other people chose to play football as their profession. Someone might think it´s an easy job since successful soccer players are well paid and famous. However, people do not see the other side of success. They don´t see hours and hours of training every day and the sacrifice soccer players have to make in order to become successful.

Goalkeeper Gloves – A Buying Guide

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Adidas Ace Replique
Adidas Ace Replique



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Blok-IT Goalie Gloves
Blok-IT Goalie Gloves



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Brine King Match 3X
Brine King Match 3X



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Reusch Soccer Receptor SG
Reusch Soccer Receptor SG



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KixGK Costa Goalkeeper Gloves
KixGK Costa Goalkeeper Gloves



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What Does It Take to Be a Goalkeeper?

The position that is sometimes overlooked is the goalkeeping position. Goalkeepers usually do not get a lot of credit for what they do but it´s certain a good goalkeeper can change the course of any game. Scoring and not scoring a goal is all about the one second where the goalkeeper makes his effort to reach the ball before it enters the goal.

Additionally, being talented for goalkeeping is the most important thing for your career but it´s not enough. A professional goalkeeper must have proper, fitting gloves. Choosing the best ones available on the market can be hard, especially if you just started playing. This article will provide some basic thing you need to consider while making your decision.


Glove sizes are usually numeric and they can be compared to shoe sizes. The numbers used range from 4 to 12, with 4 being a child size and 12 being the biggest one for adults. Sizing charts can usually be found on the packaging, with the numeric value compared to hand size in inches or centimeters. However, glove manufacturing companies to not keep their sizing 100% the same as the standard so you will never know if the glove is the right fit if you don´t try them on. For instance, if you already wore a size 8 glove from a certain manufacturer, the same sized glove from another manufacturer may not fit you right.

Wearing a too small or large pair of gloves can backfire in many different ways. However, some goalkeepers prefer to have some room available and others prefer to wear them as tight as possible. In the end, it all comes to the goalkeeper’s personal preference. Do not rush your decision and try on dozens of gloves until you find the ones which suit you best. No one can know how certain gloves feel for you so give your best personal judgment.


This is probably one of the most important aspects you need to consider while making your purchase. A simple thing such as bad fit can cause the ball to slip from your fingers and end behind your back. If there is much room on the top of the gloves, where your fingers end, you might touch the ball with your fingertips, but it will only alter its direction slightly.

However, when it comes to other parts of your hand, goalkeepers generally have different preferences. Some prefer a tighter fit, which enables the hand to move together with the glove. Unfortunately, it will make your fingers move and spread more slowly and even cause some mistakes. Other goalkeepers wear their gloves a little loose which enables more freedom when it comes to hand motions, but it can confuse your judgment.

Protection for Fingers

Finger protection is important if you want to stay away from any sort of injury. Injuries are common with goalkeepers and you should do anything in your power to stay safe and healthy. However, gloves that offer finger protection have a lot of disadvantages. Technique and strength are diminished and the glove often only protects from hyperextensions. If you stub your finger or if someone kicks it, your finger-safe gloves won´t help you that much.

Generally, you won´t need gloves like this unless you have already experienced a hand injury. They can actually come in handy with indoor soccer where shots come with more strength and from a close distance. Manufacturers still produce them regularly in order to stay in the market and a professional should buy a pair of them just in case.

Palm protection

There are many different palm protection latexes to choose from. It´s another important part of your glove because your palm is the part which needs to stop the ball from the net. The palm absorbs the shot and needs to able to grip the ball efficiently. Palm latexes are produced for all sorts of conditions, such as weather conditions, your skill level and field types.

If you are already playing in a professional league where your skills are tested to the limit, you will also need a high-quality palm latex. However, a child does not need a 100$ because they will not face too difficult or too fierce shots. Some palm latexes are specially designed for harsh weather conditions such as excessive rain and mud.

Glove Body

There is literally a specific type of goalkeeper glove for every weather condition. Back in the days, most gloves were made from Polyurethane which is a type of artificial leather. Nowadays, different materials are used for different weather conditions and they include latex, fleece, mesh, and some waterproof materials.

Latex materials will not be able to provide any warmth to your hands and they are often worn in warmer climates. On the other hand, it adapts to your hand and it molds to it, offering a comfortable fit.

Fleece is a material which is waterproof and provides a certain level of warmth. Goalkeepers settle for it in colder climates where it rains and snows more often. Your choice of material will usually depend on your climate. Most manufacturers use their own waterproof materials inside the glove so you probably won´t get your hand wet and dirty easily.

Adidas Ace Replique Goalie Gloves

Ace Replique Goalie Gloves

  • The palm is padded which softens the impact which can be great for any skill level.

  • The perfect size for you is measured by measuring the width of your palm below your knuckles without including the thumb. There is also a size comparison chart included in the packaging.

  • Soft Grip Pro latex palm provides the goalkeeper with an outstanding performance in all conditions and they will surely last for a long time if treated well.

  • The glove is wrapped fully around the wrist and it can be adjusted according to goalkeeper´s preferences.

  • The materials used in manufacturing of this glove are Polyester (63%) and Polyurethane (37%).

  • The color of these gloves is a bright fluorescent yellow which can easily pair with many different jerseys.

  • They are currently on sale so make you benefit from its lower price. Since they are manufactured by Adidas, the price is really acceptable.

All in all, Ace Replique Goalie Gloves offer a balance between price and quality. The sizes available range from 7-12 which means they are not for youngest children. The material of this glove will provide a good performance and support in all weather conditions and the goalkeeper should not worry about his hands getting cold or wet.

Best Budget Goalkeeper Gloves – Blok-IT Goalie Gloves

Blok-IT Goalie Gloves

  • The control of the ball was improved by reducing impact and the grip will feel better when you have to handle fast, fierce shots.

  • Breathable materials used in manufacturing provide a more enjoyable experience since your hands will be less sweaty after a match or a training session.

  • Velcro Wrist support will ensure a comfortable fit which can be adjusted to fit your hand shape and length.

  • All five fingers are padded, offering finger protection, along with palm latex.

  • Sizes available range from 7-12, which means your child should be at least seven years old in order for the gloves to fit him. Sizing chart is only for comparison because children grow in different rates. Be sure to check the right size by measuring your hand.

  • The price is fixed and it’s pretty cheap for a high-quality pair of gloves.

Blok-IT Goalie gloves offer a high-quality performance for a cheap price. They are manufactured by Blok-IT which is not the most popular name in the sports industry but they were able to manufacture a decent model of goalkeeper gloves.

Brine King Match 3X Soccer Goalie Glove

Brine King Match 3X Soccer Goalie Glove

  • The latex foam used for palm padding for this glove was manufactured in Germany and it´s 3mm thick on the front, and 2mm on the back.

  • These gloves are finger safe, which means the improved BACKBONE system can prevent hyperextensions and various finger injuries.

  • The body of the glove is made from mesh which offers a breathable and light-weight experience; excellent for warmer climate conditions.

  • They come in a variety of bright, cool color waves which can adapt to any goalkeeper jersey and make you stand out in team pictures.

  • The thumb is specially wrapped which provides better ball handling and control.

  • The implemented finger protection makes these gloves perfect for both indoor and outdoor soccer. In indoor soccer, shots are more powerful and come from a short distance and wearing a pair of Brine King Match 3X Soccer Goalie Gloves can make the difference.

  • The price tag of these gloves put them in the pricey category. However, it’s not a huge amount of money to pay for a high quality pair of gloves.

These gloves will certainly not provide warmth for your hands since the material used does not offer any climate control. However, they are recommended for sunnier climates where your gloves will be able to demonstrate their lightweight, breathable design. They can last for long and they are available in many sizes provided by Varzist, the manufacturer.

Best Gloves for Children – Reusch Soccer Receptor Junior Goalkeeper Glove

Reusch Soccer Receptor Junior Goalkeeper Glove

  • They feature Reusch´s Soft grip foam which is manufactured from both synthetic and natural latex.

  • They are made for junior goalkeepers and they provide a certain feeling of safety because of the Reusch Finger Support which describes a set of flexible finger protection systems that cover every finger.

  • The strap goes fully around the wrist which enables you to correctly adjust your preferred tightness.

  • The price is pretty much average but there are only certain sizes available in limited quantities.

  • Young goalkeepers will be thrilled to find out there are goalkeeper gloves suited for their needs.

These gloves offer everything a beginner goalkeeper needs to ask for. They are finger safe and are able to prevent common injuries, such as hyperextension. Young children need this sort of protection to protect themselves from early age injuries.

Best Quality/Price Ratio – KixGK Costa Goalkeeper Gloves

KixGK Costa Goalkeeper Gloves

  • These gloves are designed both for young and adult goalkeepers trying to make a name out of themselves.

  • These are professional goalkeeper gloves available for the same price you would pay for amateur gloves.

  • They are currently on sale, with the price being much lower than it used to be. They are certainly more expensive than other gloves on our list, but they are still affordable for most people.

  • They were available in the UK under the name 1GK for more than ten years and they are becoming available for the US as well.

  • Sizes range from 5-12 which means even the youngest among us will have the chance to try them on.

  • Latex palms and finger protection reduce the chance of an injury and provide a comfortable experience.

  • These gloves utilize a shock absorption and a padded Velcro strap making the m efficient even when handling difficult shots.

KixGK Costa Goalkeeper Gloves offer a premium quality for a normal, regular price. They are the most expensive ones on our list, but they are still in the regular price range. On the other hand, they offer comfort and durability. They do not provide finger protection, making them more suitable for outdoor soccer.


Buying your first gloves is not an easy choice to make. Different gloves are manufactured for different surfaces, weather conditions and different hand size. First of all, conclude on what surface are you going to play on the most. Additionally, you are already familiar with your hometown´s climate and you will be able to decide on goalie gloves accordingly. If you usually play in a warm, sunny climate, you shouldn´t go for thick gloves which will make your hands sweat excessively.

Goalkeeper gloves can sometimes really make the difference between winning and losing a match. A fierce shot can merely scratch your gloves and still end up in the goal if your gloves are too big for you. Additionally, you can find yourself unable to handle the ball carefully and give it to your opponent if your gloves are too small and tight, restricting your movement.

These products have all received overwhelmingly positive reviews from their respectable customers and they are suitable for different conditions and age groups. Make your choice with every single aspect taken into consideration. A talented goalkeeper with high-quality, comfortable gloves is not easy to beat and you will surely advance in your career more quickly.