Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes Review

adidas Performance Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes

Adidas is famous for their sporting gear, from shoes to footballs to sporting wear, they cover everything in the world of sports. Their products are engineered in the state of the art facilities for the best sporting experience for players. Even at major events like the soccer world cup, Adidas footballs are used. Players like Messi, Aguero, Pogba, they all prefer Adidas soccer shoes. Adidas have made some excellent cleat ranges like the Mercurial, Predators, F50 but nothing can beat their Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe. Yes, they are ones the great Maradona used to wear. Traditional in style, they were first released in 1979. Very smooth and very comfortable in wearing. No soccer cleats can challenge the amazing features of this shoe.

Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe are made with special kangaroo leather. The leather provides the players with sturdiness and no matter how fierce their shots are, these shoes hold firm. Even match after match, the supreme leather quality, and durability of the shoe is unaffected. Another special trait of these shoes is the synthetic lining which provides the player with comfort and ease without tampering with their game. Constant running and shooting can put a lot of pressure on the skin of the shoe and the feet but the synthetic lining provides the cushion that is very important to enhance touch and control of players.

The synthetic featured is continued by Adidas in making the sole of Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer shoe. The synthetic sole is lighter in weight as compared to leather soles and is very soft as well. They are ideal for players as it gives them the support they require to play for a length of 90mins or more. Perfect in safety, the synthetic sole gives the required underfoot cushioning.

Another amazing feature of the shoe is the studs underneath. They are made of stern plastic and are specially designed to give the player the perfect balance while running as well as while shooting. It is very important for a player to maintain his balance at all times otherwise the chances of injury to the foot, calf and knee increase substantially. Therefore, Adidas have put in a lot of hard work in giving the exact number of studs underneath, 12 in total.

A superb feature of the shoe is the fitting it provides. The inner cushion covered with a vent holes’ cloth gives the player a perfect fit. Soccer cleats do have the tendency to come off while shooting but that is not the case with Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer shoes. The inner cloth also protects the feet from any rashes or blisters. They are amazing in every way and a must buy for every soccer fan who is serious about their game.

Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer shoes have been in the market for over 25 years and they are footballers’ number one choice around the globe. Even today when there is so much innovation in the field of soccer shoes, they are holding their position firmly as the best ever. Available in only black with white Adidas stripes, they are conventional yet very impressive. I would personally recommend every soccer fan to buy these cleats to have a flawless footballing experience.