Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Shoe Review

Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Shoe

Looking to step up the game on the soccer ground and outside of it? Then you must get a pair of Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Shoe. This isn’t just your regular football boots that improve performance; it has been specially made for kids who are aged between 1 and 12 years. If you have an overactive toddler at home who shows the potential to be the next Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, don’t hold them back. Get them this show instead that there will love to wear on the field.

Why use this shoe?

Soccer is a physically demanding sport that requires not only consistent effort on the part of the players but also proper gear to stay one step ahead of the curve. Sure, your child may go on the field wearing regular shoes, but you can remain confident that his/her performance will get hampered when going against players who are wearing professional soccer cleats like this one. We assure you, you’ll get to see visible improvement in wearing the shoes and your child will be happier than ever.

Features of Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Shoe

  • Made of excellent quality polyurethane material, this shoe has been built to last for many years of extreme usage.
  • The rubber sole placed inside provides comfortable footing while improving overall balance and speed on the field.
  • The soft cushioning insole keeps the feet feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day so that your child doesn’t come home in pain.
  • Available in a variety of color combinations, all of which are more attractive than the other
  • This shoe is available in three categories – toddler (1 to 4 years), little kid (4 to 8 years), and big kid (8 to 12 years).

Customer opinion and reviews

This item has an average rating of 4.3/5 Stars on Amazon.com and over 280 customer reviews. Most people who have purchased this product only have positive things to say about its durability and comfort and have rated at least four stars due to the features. However, many people have also complained that picking the right size might take some work as these shoes tend to be quite larger than products manufactured by other brands. One user has exclaimed that she has never seen such a drastic difference in size from one measurement to another.

Another user said that the laces of this shoe are very long, so his son had a bit of difficulty keeping them tied while playing the game. Apart from the size of this shoe and length of the laces, everything has been well praised by the buyers.

Should you get this?

Well, you may have to do a bit of exchanging from Amazon to find the right size for your child. Luckily, Amazon provides free home delivery to selected areas, which includes delivery for replacement and returns. So, unless you don’t mind taking a bit of time in picking the right size, then the Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Shoe would be a good enough purchase for your soccer champion toddler. Don’t wait any longer, visit Amazon.com and pick the perfect pair for your child right now.