Diadora Soccer Men’s Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleat Review

Diadora Soccer Men's Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleat

Bringing the best of Italian craftsmanship and a formidable reputation, Diadora had once again and fractured a stunner in the form of Diadora Soccer Men’s Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleat. Now, before you go ahead and discuss all the advantages of this pair, you must be interested in knowing why exactly you need to invest in a pair of soccer cleats. Well, you need a pair of reliable shoes on the field not only to enhance your performance but also take good care of your feet.

This product manufactured by the Italian sports gear maestro boasts of a heritage look that can be barely found in any other rival brands. What’s more is there an offer? Keep on reading to find out.

Features of Diadora Soccer Men’s Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleat

This pair of cleats comes with features that will keep you ready to face the toughest of challenges. Inspired by the Brazilian style of soccer play, this product will give you the optimum level of comfort and flexibility needed for a match-winning performance. Some of the features you get are as follows:

  • Crafted using the finest quality water resistant kangaroo leather upper
  • Consists of anti-stretch lining for an extended durable design
  • The presence of EVA foam insole cushions absorbs shock and keeps your feet comfortable
  • The outsole is made of two-density polyurethane for advanced stability and grip on the field
  • Available in two minimalistic designs

Why is this product popular?

For years, some of the top players in the world have placed their trust on Diadora for the perfect combination of style and performance on the field. You’d be surprised to know how much work goes into making every shoe as Italian craftsmanship demands dedication to making a difference. If you want the product that is light on feet, comfortable to wear, and delivers everything as promised, then this item should be on your wish list.

Not every soccer cleat is made using kangaroo leather, but you’re lucky because the Diadora Soccer Men’s Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleat is indeed made with the finest quality of this substance. What’s the benefit? You get a shoe that is easy to break in and gives you optimum control over the ball for quick turns and controlled dribbles. Both insole and outsole have been kept of premium quality so that your feet never have to be uncomfortable.

Customer opinion

This item has a rating of 4/5 stars on Amazon.com with many other reviews that are overwhelmingly positive. People have especially praised this product because of its ability to accommodate wider feet. The simplicity element of this pair is another aspect that has resulted well with the customers. You need not worry about the durability of this shoe because Diadora has a reputation of releasing only the finest quality soccer cleats and other sportswear.


• Easy to break in thanks to the soft kangaroo leather upper

• Easily fits people with wider feet thanks to the material’s stretching capability

• Simplistic design and colors are pleasing to the eyes


• Durability is decent, but that’s expected because of the price