Fila Men’s Fila Forza III MD Leather Athletic Cleats Review

Fila Men's Fila Forza III MD Leather Athletic Cleats

One of the very reasons why soccer cleats are an absolute essential is because they are designed specifically to be used for playing soccer. These shoes have large studs on their bottom, which assist the players in getting a good grip on the surface as well as gain greater flexibility on the field. If you’ve been wondering whether you need to get a pair of cleats or not, just ask yourself one simple question: “do I want to improve my game?”

If the answer is yes, then soccer cleats are a must have in your arsenal. For an entry-level soccer player, the Fila Men’s Fila Forza III MD Leather Athletic Cleats is a product that would serve you just fine.

Features of this product

One of the very first considerations that come to mind while buying a pair of shoes is the cost. Luckily, you don’t have too shall a fortune to buy this product by Fila because the company understands the needs and budget of amateur soccer players. Apart from a very modest price tag, you will get the following features:

  • Synthetic leather upper layer for a lightweight yet premium feel
  • Robust durability thanks to the genuine leather construction
  • TPU outsole consisting of 12 cleats for enhanced grip and ball support
  • Available in six different color themes
  • Optimum comfort thanks to the insole cushioning

Why buy the Fila Men’s Fila Forza III MD Leather Athletic Cleats?

When you’re getting so many features at a price close to $ 50, why wouldn’t you buy this pair? Wearing regular shoes to the field isn’t enough today because most people understand the difference between using professional sports kit and a regular one. Your skills deserve better compliments, which this product can provide.

With fantastic build quality comprising of imported synthetic lining and leather, you can expect top-notch ball control and superior flexibility to dribble in all situations. Long hours running and sliding in the field can get tedious, which is why this item provides premium comfort cushioning to keep your feet protected for long hours. Better grip comes naturally with the TPU outsole, which will let you play effortlessly on wet surface and firm ground.

What sets this pair apart from other products?

Well, take a look at this collection, and you’ll be instantly attracted to the beautiful range of colors that are on offer. With you being someone who values visual appeal as well as utility, this product comes as a perfect solution to look and perform well on the field. Not many brands can come up with such a remarkable product available at a low price like this one.


Despite being robust in build quality, our advice for you while using the Fila Men’s Fila Forza III MD Leather Athletic Cleats would be to take it easy. Why? Because the age-old saying “you get what you pay for” still applies here. Of course, this item is meant for beginners and amateur level soccer players, but that doesn’t mean you can expect it to perform or last as much as a much expensive variant. Overall, this product is a good buy for a game of light soccer