Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V Fg Soccer Cleat Review

Nike Men's Mercurial Victory V Fg Soccer Cleat

Your skill in soccer may not matter much if you don’t wear the right sports shoes. If you are looking for a perfect shoe to match your skill, look no further than the elegant men’s Mercurial Victory V CR FG soccer cleats. Due to its high level of comfort and lock down, it allows you to perform with speed and precision. You will like this shoe due to the following features:

Contoured sock liner

Soccer is about speed, skill and precision. Consequently, you need a shoe that provides enough grip to prevent possible sliding while in action. You don’t want to miss that perfect scoring opportunity – your fans will curse you for it. The contours on the sock liner ensure that your foot remains in place even as you sweep down the flank and prepare to deliver that crucial cross.

Enhanced Comfortability

The midsole is attached to a textile top to cushion your feet against shocks and bumps. It affords you the highest degree of comfortability, leaving you to focus on the ball. With this shoe, you won’t have to worry about blistering feet as you lead your team to the next level of whatever championship. You will reap maximum benefits from the low profile cushioning provided by the contoured sock liner. Performance

It is not by coincidence that CR appears on the name of this amazing soccer cleat. CR may as well stand for Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most celebrated soccer superstars in the world. Ronaldo has attained world acclaim in soccer due to his specially designed shoe. With the comfort and grip provided by this shoe, you will have no excuse for poor performance on the pitch.

Pocket-friendly price

These soccer cleats retail at between $39.81 and $233.95 at Amazon. They are quite affordable compared to other brands that may run into hundreds of dollars a pair. If you are operating on a budget, $39.81 would not be too much to ask . You can essentially turn yourself into a soccer star by acquiring the CR branded sports shoes without necessarily breaking your bank.

A variety of colors

One thing you will love about these shoes is the wide range of colors to choose from. The flamboyant in you will drive you to the pink or yellow shades. If you feel more conservative, you may go for the usual white. Still, you can also stand out from the pack by spotting the metallic silver cleats. You can easily find a color that matches the exact shoe Ronaldo is wearing on a given match day.

Full-length TPU outsole

The best thing about this outsole is that it offers traction in all directions. You may not have access to a FIFA-standard stadium but this should be the least of your worries. The full-length TPU outsole works perfectly on any natural surface that is firm enough to allow a soccer match. These shoes will allow you to play soccer in the park behind you home, at the municipal playground, and in the professional league stadium. If you are serious and passionate about soccer, the men’s Mercurial Victory V CR FG Soccer Cleats are the best footwear for you.