Under Armour Men’s UA CF Force 2.0 FG Review

Under Armour Men's UA CF Force 2.0 FG

Today, soccer is probably the most popular sport out there and the reason behind it is the fact that this sport is the most enjoyable and competitive one. There is nothing more enjoyable that a game of soccer with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon. The one thing about soccer that makes it immensely popular is the fact that this game requires minimal gear to play unlike a lot of other sports. Just grab a pair of good soccer boots and you are good to go.

Why use Soccer cleats?

While it is true that soccer requires minimal gear, a good pair of shoes can actually make a hell lot of a difference. Ninety minutes of running around the field does take a toll on the feet and thus it is important to wear something that is not only comfortable and less taxing on your feet but also improves your performance. That is where the Under Armor Men’s UA CF Force 2.0 Soccer Cleats come into the play. Coming from an elite brand like Under Armor, these soccer cleats are not only of superior quality, they are also a value for money product. So in case you are thinking of buying a pair of soccer shoes, do check the features of these things which have been explained below in the article.

Features of the Under Armor UA CF Force 2.0 Soccer Cleats

  • This pair of Soccer Cleats has sturdy synthetic soles that offer great support to your feet while running and greatly reduce fatigue.
  • These soccer cleats are of professional level and feature a lightweight synthetic design which enhances ball control and dribbling.
  • For additional cushioning, a dry-cut shockliner is provided which does not end halfway through the game.
  • A TPU outsole combined with a bladed heel allows for immediate initial ground penetration.
  • The forefoot has conical studs which allow quicker acceleration.

Why purchase this item?

Whether you play soccer with your friends just for fun or you are actually a pro soccer player who practices regularly at clubs, these soccer cleats are perfect for every situation. These are high quality professional level soccer cleats are bound to improve your performance. The features listed above say enough about its versatility and design which is particularly targeted at professional players.

The brand factor also plays a big part as these soccer cleats come from one of the biggest names in sports gear brands which is Urban Armor. They are well known for their outstanding quality products and thus it makes total sense for you to invest in a product whose quality and durability you can be assured of

Customer’s Opinion

These soccer cleats have an outstanding score of 4.7 stars out of 5 at Amazon.com which should be reason enough for you to have no remaining doubts about this product. Moreover, 90% of the people who bought it from Amazon.com said that they fit them as expected and had no issues regarding comfort.


These pair of soccer cleats is one of the best that you can get a hold of at a relatively low price range and they offer outstanding performance as can be found out by reading a few reviews at Amazon. Highly recommended.